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Are you suffering from back ache? Do you have painful joints? Or maybe you have a sports injury?

As an experienced chiropractor clinic, we are able to help diagnose, treat and prevent musculoskeletal problems.

We like to focus on the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing, rather than just the symptoms. We will recommend possible adjustments in your lifestyle, exercises you can do at home, and other ways you can help your body to recover.

We will treat you as an individual - creating the right approach to support you and your needs.

We enjoy working with patients of all ages with different challenges. We are also able to work with children and expectant mothers.

In addition to chiropractic treatments, we are able to offer sports massage on site, through our partner company, The Beauty Spot.

We recommend you phone us on 01256 466 266 to talk through your concerns and symptoms, and we will then determine how long you will need, and book you an appointment.

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Backs & Joints

Welcome to our clinic delivering chiropractic services. We also have partners delivering complementary therapies on site.