Chiropractic services

Every client is different, so Vera will create a tailored plan of treatment dependent on the symptoms you are experiencing, and your lifestyle.

For your first visit we allow 45 minutes. We will ask you to complete a questionnaire, although we do ask if you have access to email to do this and send it to us ahead of your first appointment. Vera will then talk with you in detail about what problems you’re having, and take a full medical history relevant to the problem taking into account any relevant previous medical history. She will then do an appropriate physical examination. She will liaise with your GP or other medical professionals, with your permission, should this be necessary. Your first visit will include treatment, if appropriate.

Her immediate focus is to try to alleviate any pain and fears you may be experiencing - Vera will tell you how often she feels you need to visit us, and the expected time span to notice an improvement in your symptoms. She will discuss with you how you may prevent the problem in the future, or manage any ongoing conditions.

You can expect recommendations on postural advice and home exercises to support the treatment Vera gives you in the clinic.

At every visit, Vera will start by asking you how you are feeling, and what symptoms, if any, you are experiencing. Vera will ask you to sit in front of her, while she feels your neck, shoulders and spine, to identify what areas of your body need focus.

Should you experience any issues after your treatment, or find you need an appointment more urgently than the next one you have booked, we encourage you to call us as soon as you are able to do so. 


For appointments or information:

Please call us on 01256 466 266 


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